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Automate Event-Triggered Messages - for timely zone-based communication/ announcements. It can make N numbers of the different simultaneous announcement to different zone be it for security check-in, boarding/ final boarding calls, gate information, flight arrival message, baggage, belt deIayed/ cancelled departure/ arrival or any customized message at the airport
• Automated Pre-Boarding El Boarding Announcements - help streamline boarding processes, saves gate agents’ time, and creates consistency as a result of standardized messaging
• Simultaneous Audible El Visual Presentation - ensures that all passengers are informed through the flight information display system (FIDS), passenger information display system (PIDS) and the public address (PA) system

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AFAS Software


GSQ is a state of art easy to use, modular, scalable Automatic Flight Announcement System that helps improves passenger flow in airports by delivering audible communication. It is a windows based application that can provision automatic announcements of scheduled/ non scheduled arrival and departure flights and other fixed messages at airports automatically or manually (controlled by the user via a AAS terminal) using industry standard network controller(s). It can work in three modes: fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual modes. In fully automatic announcement mode, no user intervention is required for automatic and scheduled announcements.

The system takes input from ATC or FIDS / ATS or PIDS system and makes announcements using the configured message templates. Under semi-automatic mode, after receiving the information from the ATC or FIDS /ATS or PIDS system, the operator makes amendment to the queued message and then sends it out for announcement. Under manual mode, the operator strings the messages from the AAS terminal then sends it out for announcement. It is capable of storing, recalling, generating, assembly and playback of pre-recorded phrases, full messages and general announcements.

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